When the first month of release, look at several top surface of the sales to roughly a few, and I also sell, XB platform and PS I am not too well, PC sales did better than fifa 17 coins , FIFA15, when issued, Taobao three month sales at least through 2000, 16 month sales had only one release in 2000.

In fact, EA Also there has always been a Chinese IP activation data, by the end of 12, I asked the Hong Kong agent too, when Chinese IP activation volume of 180,000 BF3, EA is for this statistic is a very simple matter.

EA Hong Kong by the mainland market is actually alive, Hong Kong Taiwan and Singapore have the number three sales? Do not say Origin, and even steam uplay these games, too, Hong Kong, there often engage in some special for the Chinese version of fifa 17 xbox one coins, the price cheaper than Steam in China. These data seem to EA Chinese side did not, because the data at that time I got there and EA Chinese people talked, they were amazed, this data indicates no idea, no matter how much I could not say in public forums, In short EA certainly do not want to lose the mainland, Hong Kong cake chant see EA Taiwan, leaving only one office now knows how important the mainland market to Hong Kong.

If you need to activate the data, I think you directly to EA China's relevant personnel, please ask them to EA headquarters, should be able to get, just because I think they usually do not contact Origin platform, it is not easy to view the data. If you want to buy fifa 17 coins, please use our site http://www.playerhot.com /.  which will give you the best service.