FIFA and its World Cup, is a huge benefit, "theater", Blatter and other officials on the stage singing, set up the stage of corporate giants.
In order to give readers more thoroughly to see this fight, we detailed interpretation of the constitution and the entry threshold fifa 16 coins ; use FIFA's earnings, it analyzes FIFA's revenue structure.
On this basis, the requirements of our sponsors statement Blatter to step down, were analyzed. "No sponsorship" and "requires Blatter to step down" is a gesture, is the corporate brand image maintenance needs. To some extent, this is another sponsor of fans spoiled:. "Pro, do not blame me, fifa 16 xbox 360 coins have problems, but I am innocent, you continue to buy my product."
"Mr Blatter, your time is up."
This time the defection FIFA  Chairman, is FIFA's "golden master" - two top sponsor and two World Cup sponsor.
Compared to colleagues behind the knife, these sponsors lethality might be greater. Some sponsors and FIFA have been working together for nearly 40 years, "brothers."
However, in the interests of the face, sponsors very decisive, "as long as one day reign Blatter, fifa 16 android coins reputation and image will continue to be defiled."