The Super Deluxe Edition brings the full set of fifa 17 coins, and also you will obtain 40 envelopes Gold Jumbo Premium, 40 Players Team of the Week assigned for 3 games, a player (Hazard, Martial, Reus or James Rodriguez) on loan for 8 matches and 5 Special Jerseys FIFA Ultimate Team. Its approximate price is € 100.
Here, unlike the previous edition, both the number of envelopes as transfers of players who receive TOTW doubles. Course is oriented to users who purchase Ultimate Team with many envelopes regularity of Ultimate Team as this will save a total of 80 euros in FIFA Points choosing this edition edition.
It is advisable to acquire themselves are users every week, or at least very frequently, You buy FIFA Points to open envelopes in Ultimate Team and ye save a lot of money by booking this edition, being therefore only recommended for this type of player . I would also add that other users are
fifa 17 pc coins, you will obtain a 10% additional discount by booking this issue through the console.
What is certain is that if you have clearly going to buy FIFA 17 when it's released, it is best to make a reservation, because for the same price you will obtain the game and also a series of rewards ideal for help at first, especially those who have to Ultimate Team mode as central game. And choose one or the other will depend, as I explained above, which additionally seek.
Through the next picture you can go directly to the booking page of the game on Amazon for any platform (PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3 and PS4), the store I usually recommend when buying games as they have the best price and also fast on shipping because the book it will ensure that the game will go home the same day it hits the market.

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